REGISTER for the Presentation Skills Workshop Feb 12, 13 in the Auditorium

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The Symposium WILL be on April 8, but the registration will not open one year in the past, and grads and post-docs are not eligible.
Stay tuned for the real announcement in a couple of months.


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Announcing the 8th Annual Spring Student Symposium, which will be taking place

Thursday April 9th in the Auditorium, starting at about 9:00am

The Symposium is for undergraduate students doing their work here this past term.  Scientific, technical, or administrative - we want to hear from all of you!

The talks will be 10’ in length (about 5-10 slides total) on any topic related to your term work.  A judging panel will ask questions and give feedback.  No questions permitted from research scientists! It’s a great opportunity to flex your speaking skills, something everyone will need to do well in their careers.

Powerpoint or equivalent, though you can use a whiteboard if you choose.

Cash prizes will be awarded for the talks the judges liked the best.  For your information, the judging rubric is attached here.

if you have any questions, send me an email.

Formal registration will open Monday April 8, 2019


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