Rare and exciting opportunity just for grads and postdocs!

Gaps gaps at triumf.ca
Thu Jan 30 20:53:55 PST 2020

Dear grad/postdoc,

Have you lately found yourself thinking “That GAPS committee organizes such awesome events, but I wonder if they’d ever do ______?” Or perhaps “Wow, never thought grad school/postdoc life would leave me with so much free time, wonder if there’s some way to spend it that would also benefit my community?” Or maybe “I don’t see nearly enough of TRIUMF’s various meeting rooms, and wish I could spend more time in them!”

If the answer to any of the above is yes - or more likely, if the answer to all of them is no but you would like more of a say in the pizza flavours at our events - come out to the GAPS Committee elections tomorrow! This is a great chance to get involved, and to select who represents you at all sorts of semi-important meetings.

Elections happen tomorrow (Friday) at 1 pm in ISAC-II room 249. No experience necessary.

- Your GAPS

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