Fw: Post doc. in Frequency Metrology for Antihydrogen Physics

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From: Niels Madsen <Niels.Madsen at cern.ch>
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Subject: Post doc. in Frequency Metrology for Antihydrogen Physics

Dear Colleagues,

The Swansea group in ALPHA is responsible for upgrading our frequency metrology
capability to allow hydrogen like precision in antihydrogen spectroscopy. For this purpose
we’re looking for a research assistant (post doc.).

Please freely forward to anyone you think might be interested in this challenge, we’re
particularly interested in a person with experience with laser-spectroscopy and/or
atomic clocks / frequency metrology.

Link to the position :

Kind Regards,
Niels Madsen & Stefan Eriksson

Prof. Niels Madsen
ALPHA Deputy Spokesperson
Department of Physics
Swansea University
Singleton Park
SA2 8PP Swansea
United Kingdom

Stationed at :
CERN - PH/UAD - 545-R-018
CH-1211 Geneva 23
Tel. +41 22 767 2387    Fax. +41 22 766 9582
Lab. +41 22 767 9814    Mob. +41 75 411 0835
Lab2. +41 22 767 6084

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