PLEASE READ: Important information for graduate students and post-docs about the next stage of Return to Site

Marcello Pavan marcello at
Thu Jul 30 09:49:49 PDT 2020

Dear GAPS community,

This message is for those of you whose access to TRIUMF is still handled via the TRIUMF Visitor Application.

As you may have heard, TRIUMF soon will be entering the next stage of its Return to Site protocol, where more TRIUMF staff and some non-TRIUMF visitors will be welcomed back to the lab.  There will be new requirements for visitors, which include some of you. The unique status of resident graduate students and non-TRIUMF post-docs is well recognized (but not yet formally implemented due to delays caused by COVID) and as such we have discussed with the GAPS committee how you fit into the upcoming process. In brief,  rest assured that you will be treated to the extent possible like staff and thus will not be subjected to many of the new steps required by off-site visitors.

For the purposes of the next stage of the TRIUMF Return to Site protocols, all graduate students and non-TRIUMF post-docs:

  *   who currently have a regular desk at TRIUMF will fall under the policies for TRIUMF staff, regardless if they are formally visitors in our system or not,
     *   Consequently, you do not require pre-approval by the Deputy Director Research to access the site and do not have to fill in the screening questionnaire.
     *   However, you still need to follow divisional schedules and approvals for your on-site time;
  *   are urged to take the RST Orientation in the next week
     *   all access cards for visitors and staff who have not completed the RTS orientation will be deactivated on Mon August 10;
  *   who are in the visitor app will receive additional communication directed to all visitors that will differ in some respects to what is outlined above – you can safely ignore this general visitor communication.

These guidelines are designed to strike a balance between the needs and concerns of GAPS and its members with the requirements set out by TRIUMF to ensure a safe return to the site.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about any of the above, please feel free to reach out to either Reiner Kruecken or myself for additional information.

Best wishes,

Marcello M. Pavan, Ph.D.
Head, Academic and User Programs
4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver B.C. Canada. V6T 2A3

Work:  1-604-222-7525
Email:  marcello at

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