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Hi all,

To make sure everyone has the most up-to-date information, we are passing on this most recent email updating on the status of TRIUMF. We recommend that you read both the email and the detailed outline provided in the hyperlink within the email.

The quick summary is that TRIUMF wants to minimize the amount of people on site. The only on-site work that will be permitted now is work that is deemed critical by the ALDs of the lab. The start of the experimental program at ISAC will be delayed until at least mid-June.

We want to again remind you that there are resources available to you in these challenging times. Please see the emails sent recently by us outlining the resources available to you, and check the TRIUMF website for the most up-to-date information on TRIUMF in relation to COVID-19.

Stay safe everyone.

-Your GAPS

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Subject: Director's Office  : TRIUMF priorities – updated March 18, 2020

TRIUMF priorities – updated March 18, 2020 :

With more and more of us moving to remote work as part of TRIUMF’s social distancing efforts, it is important to update you on our operational priorities during this time of COVID-19.

First, our priority continues to be the health of our people. Changes to regular operations at TRIUMF are being made to ensure community health and well-being, while also advancing our mission.  As a result, in consultation with your ALDs, we have re-evaluated the operational priorities for the lab.

In sum, yes, we will continue to operate TRIUMF, for as long as we are able.  Our plan is to conduct as much mission-critical work as possible from off-site locations through work-from-home protocols.  We are preparing for the cyclotron to start on schedule in mid-April, in order to supply patients worldwide with Strontium for medical use.

The start of ISAC will be delayed until at least June 16; this date will be re-evaluated as the situation develops.  For now, all off-site science activities will continue, while on-site science will be restricted to activities deemed critical by your ALD – and only if appropriate social distancing or PPE can be implemented.

For a detailed outline of the operational plan, please see https://www.triumf.ca/node/35969. Questions about our revised priorities can be directed to your ALD.  Note that this plan may change – and will likely change – at any moment as the COVID-19 situation develops.

If we continue to support each other, we can continue to deliver on our mission while we keep our community healthy.

Jonathan Bagger


See https://www.triumf.ca/node/35969 for more information.

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