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Mon Mar 23 08:41:21 PDT 2020

Hey all,

Since the last Director's Office email is an important one and there continue to be issues with site-wide communications, we're passing it on here. Please see below: All on-site research activities at TRIUMF are curtailed until at least April 15.

As all of us adjust to social distancing, remember to join the GAPS Members team, where you can continue to meet (virtually) your fellow grads and postdocs. Instructions:

- Go to<>
- Sign in with your TRIUMF ID and password
- Click “Join or Create Team” in the top left corner, then “Join a team with a code” and use this code: d9k033t.
- You can use the web browser version, or download the app.

Keep safe.

-Your GAPS


Reducing on-site activities:

Dear colleagues -

I hope your weekends went well, and that you were able to find some respite from the stress of the past week.

I'd like to start off this week by thanking you for the extraordinary efforts you are undertaking to limit the spread of COVID-19, both at TRIUMF and in the larger community.  With luck, and intensified effort by everyone, we can save lives by flattening the curve.

To that end, we at TRIUMF are taking the next step:  As of today, we are curtailing all on-site research activities until April 15, in line with UBC's recent directive.  This date might be extended, possibly significantly, depending how the situation develops.

We will continue to operate as a medical isotope producer, both for BC Cancer and for BWXT.  Patients worldwide need our isotopes, and it is our duty to provide them, even in this difficult time.  With fewer people on site, the better the chance that everyone stays healthy.

This decision was taken in concert with all ALDs, and I can assure you it was not taken lightly.  We need to keep our site as safe as possible, and that means we need to stop all nonessential on-site activities.

Therefore, we are asking all researchers to leave their facilities in a safe state and to work from home during this period.  We are also halting all on-site project and manufacturing activities until April 15, except those related to medical isotope production (TR-13, 520 MeV cyclotron, BWXT cyclotrons, IAMI construction).  (The IAMI site is under the control of Ventana, our Construction Manager.)

We are now planning to restart the 520 MeV cyclotron on April 22 - one week later than originally planned.  The delay will provide extra time to be sure all work can be done safely following appropriate social distancing protocols.

The deputy and associate directors are preparing a list of staff who need to access the site to carry out critical activities associated with cyclotron startup, medical production, and other essential lab operations.  I ask that everyone else work with their supervisors to find meaningful work that can be done remotely.  This is a golden opportunity to develop your skills through online training, to update documentation, and to catch up on all sorts of things that have been languishing.

I also ask that you implement this pause as quickly as possible, and that all activities cease by close-of-business Wednesday.  If you feel you need an extension, or you anticipate the need to come on campus for any reason, please contact your ALD.  The ALDs are working with Reiner Kruecken and Anne Louise Aboud to develop appropriate site access protocols.  More to come soon about that.

And a special note to our researchers:  use this time to finish documentation, complete an analysis, write a paper, or be creative!  Know that Isaac Newton discovered his law of universal gravitation after he was sent down from Cambridge in 1665 because of the plague.  As we all know, our apple trees are descendants of those from his home at Woolsthorpe Manor.

Stay safe, stay well, and stay in contact.

Jonathan Bagger
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