Journal Club Friday 8th May @ 1PM

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Tue May 5 10:16:47 PDT 2020

Dear Journal Clubbers,

Our next journal club will commence at 1PM this Friday via BlueJeans:

Bai-Shan will be presenting this week with his paper choice: "Limits on assigning a shape to a nucleus"

Paper attached.

His questions are as follows:

  1.  How to obtain nuclear deformation information from experimental data?
  2.  What are the deformation parameters β and γ? meaning?
  3.  What is the β and γ fluctuations?
  4.  Why NNDC gives β=0.353 for doubly magic nuclei O16? Doubly magic nuclei /= spherical?
  5.  What is the quadrupole sum rules method?

Please read the paper, think of questions and join us for journal club!

Matt (on behalf of GAPS)
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