Support for grad students working from home - Update

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Sat May 23 13:49:53 PDT 2020

Hello All,

As a follow up from Reiner's email about the support offered to grad students during the period of working from home, we wanted to clarify a few points we have raised with Reiner.

  1.  Since the money is coming from pubic funds, the $100 dollars has to cover any purchases in full, the items will remain the property of TRIUMF and have to be returned at some point. There is a small amount of leeway with the $100 limit, which Reiner would review on a case-by-case basis.
  2.  The fund is primarily for computing accessories required for working from home, but lamps/quality of life accessories/etc are potentially also covered by this fund.
  3.  The fund is primarily for retroactive purchases. Since we will be able to borrow items from TRIUMF from next week, this should reduce/remove the need to buy anything new. Again, Reiner is willing to look at claims on a case-by-case basis for those who are likely to be working from home for the longest.

  - Your GAPS
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