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Hi GAPS members,

This is a reminder that if you haven’t already, please fill out the following surveys regarding the return to TRIUMF.

For grads specifically, if you are in the later stage of your degree and think that the TRIUMF shutdown is affecting your ability to graduate on time, please provide me with as much information about your situation as possible, such as experimental setup, experiment number, and contact information for you. If you don’t feel comfortable providing the information in the survey, feel free to send me an email directly.

Daniel Yates

From: Daniel Yates <dyates at>
Date: Friday, May 22, 2020 at 4:08 PM
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Subject: Research Ramp-up at TRIUMF

Hello grads and postdocs,

As you know, TRIUMF will begin slowly returning to work with the rest of B.C. in the next few weeks. Through me, you have representation on the Research Ramp-up working group to ensure that the needs and concerns of the GAPS community are heard.

I would like to request that every graduate student and postdoc complete the following short surveys to give me an idea of the feelings of the GAPS community as of right now. Please note that these questions are in no way representative of TRIUMF’s ideas about returning to work at this time. They are confidential; no one will see your individual responses except for me.

More information regarding the working groups and surveys can be found following the surveys.

To be filled out by both Graduate Students and Postdocs: Survey here<>

To additionally be filled out by Graduate Students only: Survey here<>

TRIUMF has commissioned two working groups to examine how to go about this: one looking at logistics of having people return to TRIUMF and how to keep everyone safe (Return to Site WG, chaired by Anne Louise Aboud), and the other looking at how to restart research activities and identifying which research components of TRIUMF will start when (Research Ramp-up WG, chaired by Reiner Kruecken).

I have been asked to represent the GAPS community on the Research Ramp-up WG, as grads and postdocs are an important part of the TRIUMF community and contribute a large amount to the research activities on site. With that, we have been given an opportunity to voice our concerns and contribute actively to discussions regarding how TRIUMF restarts research, and more generally our return to work - I will be advocating for us to ensure that we are heard.

The Research Ramp-up WG has started to meet this week and it will continue to meet twice a week. For now, I would like to solicit the GAPS community’s input in general. Above are two short surveys that will provide me with a good feeling of the current status of each one of you, if you chose to provide me with feedback. These questions are in no way representative of TRIUMF’s ideas about returning to work at this time. They are confidential; no one will see your individual response except for me. Composite information may be provided to the working group, though.

Feel free to contact me (dyates at<mailto:dyates at>) or the GAPS committee (gaps at<mailto:gaps at>) at any time if you have any questions or concerns regarding Research Rump-Up WG and/or return to work at TRIUMF.

If you have concerns with your supervisor regarding returning to work, feel free to reach out to me, GAPS, Monika Stachura (GAPS Liason, mstachura at<mailto:mstachura at>), Marcello Pavan (Academic and User Coordinator, marcello at<mailto:marcello at>), or Reiner Kruecken (Deputy Director of Research, reinerk at<mailto:reinerk at>).

Thank you for your time.
Daniel Yates

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