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Experimental Investigation of the 19 Neðp;γÞ20 Na Reaction Rate and
Implications for Breakout from the Hot CNO Cycle


1) What is a cross-shell intruder state, and why would it significantly
lower the resonance strength of the 0.44 MeV resonance.

2) What does the 'weak binding approximation' mean quantitatively, and why
is it justified?

3) Why do the authors state that the 0.44 MeV peak must be associated with
a resonance from the same state? Does their data convincingly show this?

4) How would the lack of a 19Ne(p,g)20Na reaction bottle neck affect x-ray
burst light curves?

5) The authors acknowledge contradiction with other data sets, including a
direct study of the reaction and previous spin assignments, who do we
believe? Are there any areas of the analysis that might overestimate the
resonance strengths from the 2.645 MeV state?
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