[Isac-journal-club] Journal Club March 1st

Mike Bowry mbowry at triumf.ca
Tue Feb 28 12:40:28 PST 2017

Hi all

The next journal club will he held tomorrow at 3:30 pm in the MOB theory
room. Paper is attached. Some questions, in no particular order (feel
free to add your own during the discussion):

1) In table 2, why is the magnetic moment equal to twice the g-factor?
2) Why is it desirable for the initial 6- state in the gamma ray cascade
to be isomeric?
3) Why are Co/Ni foils used specifically to measure the magnetic
4) What is the additivity rule for nuclear moments?
5) For the 2+ state, is the disagreement between the experimental
nuclear moments, additivity and the shell model understood?
See you there,

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Hi all

The next journal club paper is attached; "The Cu-68m/68 isotope as a new
probe for hyperfine studies: The nuclear moments", featuring TRIUMF's
very own Monika Stachura (and a bunch of other familiar names).

Questions to follow on Friday.


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