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Hi all,

Nir Nevo Dinur will be presenting the attached THEORETICAL (be warned) paper

Don't worry, I'm not going to go into the details of the method (it's
not in the paper...).
But one should probably also read Sec. 1 of the Supp. Mat. (also
attached) to understand what is their starting point.
The main results which we'll discuss are Eqs. (1)-(3) and Fig. 1

For perspective and for the discussion, compare this work with Ref. [18]
(and also [15,23]).


1. What is so interesting/challenging in the 11Be spectrum?
2. What are the important physics aspects included in the current method?
3. Do they get the physics right?
4. How, according to the authors, is the parity inversion in the 11Be
nucleus similar to the Lamb shift in the hydrogen atomic spectrum?
5. How would you assess this method and these results compared to those
of Ref. [18]? What are the advantages and disadvantages, and possible
uses of this method, in reference to current ab-initio calculations?
(should we all quit?)

See you all there.

Dr. Nir Nevo Dinur
Postdoctoral Fellow
Theory Group
Physical Sciences Div.
4004 Wesbrook Mall,
Vancouver, BC V6T 2A3, Canada

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