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Tue Feb 20 12:59:46 PST 2018

Hello All,
It's almost Journal Club time again.
Nicholas Esker will be presenting a nice short nature paper for us this
Hope to see you all in the MOB Theory room, tomorrow (Wed 21) 3:30 for
discussion and snacks.

Physics Questions:
-What is NEEC?  why is it so neet?!
-What are the implications for the first observation of NEEC?
-Why strip Mo-93m to the ~34+ charge state?
-Why are half the spectra Doppler corrected and half not?
-Does this have to be NEEC? Have they adequately addressed other possible

Philosophical Questions:
-Is it really worth while to offer 7 TB dataset?  Is this just some form of
-Does this deserve to be a Nature paper? <controversy!>
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