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David Livermore dlivermore at triumf.ca
Mon Aug 20 11:32:17 PDT 2018

Hello all,

Sorry for the radio silence, I've been pretty swamped over the last few weeks!

In short, we have tentatively booked a room and a time, alternating Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 (same timeslot as the ISAC journal club, but only on the weeks when they aren't running).  We will likely be starting in September.

As you all know, a survey was sent out a few weeks ago regarding what people are interested in with regards to data science, we had about 20 responses and the results are (basically) as follows:

  1.  Most people have a fairly broad interest, meaning many topics can be covered
  2.  Most people (~90%) have little or no experience whatsoever, meaning we can more-or-less start at a common area
  3.  Very few people (~10%) are interested in mathematically rigorous work, everyone else prefers hands-on/case studies/toolkit experience etc.

As some of you know, TRIUMF is hiring a Data Science, part of whose job it will be to provide some training and support, and will likely lead or at least assist in leading our little group, however TRIUMF is still in the hiring process so it may take several more days (perhaps weeks? or more?) before they can start -- more updates will follow.

On September 6th, Mirko Vorabbi, a former PhD student at TRIUMF will be giving a colloquium about his work in Data Science, which I highly recommend you try to attend, if you can.

If you have any other questions/concerns/comments, let me know!

The best way to reach my is at my email: dlivermore at triumf.ca

David Livermore

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