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Dear TRIUMF Experimenters and Staff,

The draft of Schedule 137 for the period of October 8th, 2019 to December 21st, 2019 is now available online at https://mis.triumf.ca/schedule/view?schedule=137&revision=PUBLIC_DRAFT<https://mis.triumf.ca/schedule/view?schedule=137&revision=PUBLIC_DRAFT&dateview=entire&weeks_later=1&from=2019-10-07&to=2019-10-11&in=isac_wing&exp=All&detail=true>. Iain McKenzie and Mike Trinczek drafted the Meson Hall schedule and I am responsible for the cyclotron, ISAC, and OLIS schedules.

Note that the first week of ISAC experiments are a continuation of Schedule 136 up to October 15th.

Users can expect minor revisions to occur before the final scheduling meeting, which will occur on Wednesday 28th August at 9:00am in the Auditorium, after which the draft will be promoted to active status.

ISAC target module status:

As announced at the TRIUMF Users Group Meeting, Schedule 137 will operate with both TM2 and TM4 in rotation despite the recent TM4 water leak, which has been temporarily addressed. However, voltage limitations on both modules have meant that we are temporarily unable to schedule singly-charged accelerated radioactive beams of A>17. Significant time has been scheduled in the Fall to systematically study the high-voltage performance of the modules under proton beam bombardment.

Please send me your comments or concerns directly (ruiz at triumf.ca<mailto:ruiz at triumf.ca>).

Yours sincerely,

Chris Ruiz - Beam Scheduler


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