[Mpmt-rnd-canada] mPMT design discussions Thursday/Friday (2-3 March)

Hirohisa A. Tanaka htanaka at physics.utoronto.ca
Wed Mar 1 07:45:45 PST 2017

Hello Everyone:

	We’ll hold two meetings on Thursday (2 March, 1300-1700) and Friday (3 March, 0900-1200) at TRIUMF in the MOB board room to discuss various aspects of the mPMT design for NuPRISM. The first day will be devoted to revisiting the overall design considerations/requirements and work/development on individual components. On the second day, we will discuss the overall design concept.

	Please find the agenda below.


Day 1 (2 March, 1300-1700)
Status reports on various component activities
Discussion of design requirements (Tom)
3" PMT support matrix (Arturo)
Optical gel work (Tom, Qiqi)
Electronics (Thomas)
Scintillator components (Mark Hartz)
Acrylic cover, vessel materials (aluminum and PVC pipe) (Hiro)
FEA (Chris)
Day 2 (3 March, 0900-1200)
Discussion of current design (Robert, Philip)
Discussion of current design (Mircea)

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