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News Release | For Immediate Release | October 15, 2011, 10:30 a.m. EDT

Demonstrates Canada’s Knowledge Economy is at Work and Growing

(Vancouver, BC) – In darkness, it is a bright light that shows the way.
This morning’s announcement of a Canadian Innovation Leader Certificate to
Energate, Inc., by federal Minister of State for Science & Technology Gary
Goodyear is a “bright light” and underscores Canada’s strengths in a world
confronted by fiscal uncertainty.  

Nigel S. Lockyer, director of TRIUMF, commented, “This is the type of
success that illustrates how new technologies drive the creation of new jobs
and new businesses that make and sell those new products to the world.”
Energate developed a home-energy management suite of tools and software that
has been successfully marketed in the U.S. and Canada.  

This type of economic growth is often called the knowledge economy, where
new ideas and new inventions move into the marketplace to not only enhance
people’s standard of living but also to create new businesses that generate
revenue.  Research and development is a crucial starting ingredient, for it
is on the benches of research laboratories, on the blackboards of university
offices, and on the whiteboards of small companies that inventions and
innovations are born.  To grow, Canada needs mechanisms that bring inventors
into contact with investors for strong, long-term relationships.  A federal
report to be released this Monday aims to outline new strategies for
enabling Canada to take better advantage of its R&D strengths to further
grow the knowledge economy. 

“The first one to commercialize a technology, no matter where it starts, is
typically the one with the potential to reap the most rewards by
establishing a dominant market position,” said Lockyer.  Part of the bigger
challenge is to keep Canadian entrepreneurs and businesses engaged at the
cutting edge of research and development---so that the next Energate is
formed in Canada, as well as the next one after that and the one after that.
“That’s why we have a place like TRIUMF, to keep Canada working alongside
the best teams in the world, just like we’re doing with ARIEL,” added

TRIUMF’s new flagship facility, the Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory
(ARIEL), uses a next-generation advanced superconducting technology to
produce isotopes for science and medicine.  By partnering with PAVAC
Industries, Inc., TRIUMF developed Canadian industrial capacity in this
sector.  With this technology and through the global exposure of TRIUMF’s
research projects, PAVAC doubled in size, opened offices in the U.S., and is
selling its core products to TRIUMF’s collaboration partners in India.
PAVAC is now exploring products tailored for the Chinese market. 

Successfully navigating the path from lab bench or blackboard to store shelf
or online catalog can be quite challenging.  Energate’s success indicates
that the right ingredients are available. Canada’s global competitiveness
will depend on strategies to increase the number of such successes in the

Colin H.W. Jones, CEO and president of Advanced Applied Physics Solutions
(AAPS) said, “We salute Energate for their success; it takes a strong team
and a real commitment to move a good idea from someone’s head into the
marketplace.  This company helps prove that Canadians have what it takes to
compete globally.”  AAPS, Inc., is a TRIUMF spin-off company formed in 2008
under the federal Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research
program that focuses on bridging the gap between innovation and


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