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Dear all,

Friendly reminder to either:
1) Let Barry (davids at triumf.ca) know of your interest in this lecture series.
2) Sign up for the seminar mailing list.


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Subject: [Triumf-seminars] Inquiry regarding interest in lectures on statistics
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Dear TRIUMF Seminars subscriber,

It may be possible to arrange a short series of lectures for
scientists, postdocs, and students on aspects of statistics relevant
to particle and nuclear physics. The lectures would potentially be
given in May 2012 by Louis Lyons of Oxford University, author of
"Statistics for Nuclear and Particle Physicists" and other books.

If you are interested in and would attend such a lecture series,
please let me know by email. Also, if there are any topics that would
be of particular interest to you, please include that information in
your email. We will only pursue this initiative if sufficient interest
is expressed.


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