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Sun Jan 25 22:04:37 PST 2015

Dear Postdocs.

we recognize that teaching is a great opportunity to develop  the critical skills that faculty members will need to do their jobs well. In recent surveys it is indeed documented that more than  40% of science postdocs have an interest in pursuing teaching during their postdoctoral term. 

At TRIUMF we would like to offer you the opportunity to teach by means of a formal physics school where the lecturers are the postdocs. As a postdoc you can suggest a topic, define your program, construct your lectures, and deliver them. Likewise other summer/winter physics schools, the lecturer is expected to teach 4 to 10h. Lectures will be attended by graduate students but postdocs are welcome to participate. The school will be held at TRIUMF. The school will tentatively start in March 2015 (unless the preferred format is summer school like). 

We would really appreciate your feedback. 

Please, fill the survey at your earliest convenience:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SJTL8FW <https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SJTL8FW>

Thank you and Kind regards.

Anadi Canepa
Reiner Kruecken
and your SGSPD committee

Anadi Canepa
Research Scientist, Science Division
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Office: 89 Main Building
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