ISAC-II cubicle refurbishment

Ania Kwiatkowski aniak at
Mon Jul 27 11:36:55 PDT 2015

Hello all,

There is a proposal to create more desks for ISAC grad students, 
postdocs, co-op students, and visitors via a rearrangement and 
refurbishment of the cubicle area on the second floor of ISAC-II. We 
will *present the proposal and solicit feedback* from students and 
postdocs on *Wednesday, July 29 at 11 am* in the *Auditorium*.

The new, smaller cubicles are the same size as in the ISAC II Room 130 
area (i.e. for Accelerator students and postdocs). Each cubicle position 
will have one set of drawers in the “1 file 2 drawer” configuration and 
2 shelves.

Some considerations for feedback: What do you like best about the 
current space? How do you use the space and resources you already have? 
What features of the cubicle area could be improved? Think about 
resources such as lighting, air flow, noise, whiteboards, shelving, 
drawer space, desk space, traffic flow, etc.

Jenna, Jenn, Ania
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