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> Dear All,
> We are glad to inform you that the TRIUMF Speakers Bureau ( <>) is launching a new initiative to promote TRIUMF speakers participation in seminar/colloquium series at Canadian and US universities and laboratories. 
> The TRIUMF Speakers Bureau will regularly collect titles and abstracts from TRIUMF scientists and postdoctoral researchers and advertise them at Canadian and US universities and laboratories. A committee chaired by the Science Division Head will also select a speaker every three months based on the relevance and timing of the results from their research program. Their profile will be presented on the TRIUMF Speaker Bureau's page. 
> We therefore invite each TRIUMF scientist and postdoctoral researcher to submit a title with abstract through the web interface kindly developed by Clay Lindsay: <> (please note that by submitting this form you acknowledge that the information is stored on a US server managed by Google. If you do not wish to have the information stored on a US server, please feel free to send us the information directly at speakers_bureau at <mailto:speakers_bureau at>). 
> The titles and abstracts will then be linked from the TRIUMF Speakers Bureau's page. 
> We would appreciate it if you filled the form at your earliest convenience and by June 15th. A monthly reminder to update the list will be sent but the list can be updated on demand as well. 
> We hope this initiative will further promote the science program developed at TRIUMF.
> Best wishes, 
> Byron, Reiner and Anadi (for the TRIUMF Speaker Bureau, speakers_bureau at <mailto:speakers_bureau at>).
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