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All are welcome on Friday, but pizza sign up is today.

Also, pub night tomorrow 18:30 at Biercraft.

Hope to see you there,

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Dear grad students and postdocs,

We will host a Resume Writing Workshop on *Friday May 29th from noon 
*until 1:30 pm in the auditorium. Michael More, advisor for graduate 
career development with UBC’s Centre for Student Involvement and 
Careers, will guide you through the process of how your graduate degree 
and your experience working at TRIUMF will help you get the job that you 
want. You will be able to learn the skills that need to be developed to 
maximize the effectiveness of your job search, whether it be in 
Academia, or beyond; understand what employers look for in the hiring 
process; and how you can decode job postings to better plan your job search.

For this hands-on workshop, please bring:

1. Your current resume or CV.

2. A job posting or similar professional opportunity that you may apply 

To ensure enough pizza, please sign up on the Doodle poll 
<http://doodle.com/ytvwrfnmcfhaaqgq>indicating whether your prefer meat 
or vegetarian pizza.

Michael More works as the Advisor for Graduate Career Development with 
UBC’s Centre for Student Involvement & Careers in Brock Hall.  Half his 
time is spent in one-on-one advising UBC graduate students and alumni, 
while the rest of his time is dedicated to organizing, running, and 
evaluating larger events for graduate students, such as this workshop 
for TRIUMF. Michael is a geosciences alumni from UBC, and he still works 
as a cartographer and spatial analyst on the side.

There will be a *pub night at *afterward 18:30 at Biercraft.

We hope to see you there,
Your SGSPD Committee

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