Call for lecturers for Postdoc Lecture Series

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Thu Oct 15 14:41:17 PDT 2015

Hello fellow postdocs,

This is a call for lecturers for the Postdoc Lecture Series at TRIUMF. This
is a great opportunity to get some teaching experience that would be
otherwise hard to get at a national lab. It looks good on a CV and can also
help you iron out those details in a topic that you thought you knew so
well. Finally, you are doing a good deed by sharing your knowledge with the
TRIUMF community.

The lectures should be a topic on which you are already an "expert" (i.e.
most of your effort should go into teaching, rather than learning content).
The total length of the lectures should be approximately 6-10 hours (so
far, everyone has opted for 6 1-hour lectures), and we are looking to start
this round of lectures early next year.

*If you are interested in giving a lecture series, please respond to this
email* with a list of possible topics, and a rough date when you think you
could begin (give yourself plenty of time to prepare).

Thank you, and we look forward to learning from you,

Your GAPS Committee

GAPS Website:

If you are no longer affiliated with TRIUMF, please go to and remove your self from either the grads or postdocs
mailing list.
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