Tour of TRIUMF for Grads and Postdocs (plus pizza)

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Dear TRIUMF Postdocs and grad students,

We invite you to a tour at 4 different facilities here at TRIUMF, held from
12-1pm on Friday, September 25. The details of each are given below.
Pizza will be served outside of the MOB auditorium at 12:00 prior to the
start of the tour.
Please sign up using this doodle poll:

Hope to see you there,

Your GAPS committee


The ARIEL e-Linac is a high power superconducting electron accelerator that
will greatly
expand TRIUMF's capabilities for producing rare isotope beams by reducing
down time and
increasing the range of isotopes produced.  With the restart of
commissioning of the e-Linac
imminent, come see TRIUMF's newest accelerator while you have the chance!

The DRAGON facility (Detector of Recoils and Gammas of Nuclear Reactions)
at TRIUMF is
used to measure the nuclear reaction rates relevant for astrophysics. In
nucleosynthesis reactions which occur in the explosive environments of
novae, supernovae and
X-ray bursters are of interest to understand the formation of heavy
elements in the universe.
These reactions are studied using inverse kinematics with gaseous targets
of hydrogen or helium
and heavy ions.

We will show you the TR13 cyclotron and explain how the medical isotopes
are made on that
machine, how the hot cells work and how they do chemistry to prepare the
that they use in their imaging program.

Ever since the invention of the microscope, scientists have been peering
deeper and deeper into the world around us. During the past century, new
and better techniques for looking inside materials have been found,
including X-ray diffraction, electron microscopes and neutron scattering.
Scientists at TRIUMF are using another technique to examine materials,
called μSR (pronounced “mew-ess-are”), which has become a unique and
powerful probe to peer into and gain a deeper understanding of what goes on
inside materials like semiconductors, magnets and superconductors.

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