Postdoc Lecture Series: Seeking Lecturers for Next Session

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Fri Dec 2 13:00:00 PST 2016

Hi all,
We are seeking postdocs who would like to give a lecture series for the
next session of the Postdoc Lecture Series.

*How the PLS Works:*

   - A postdoc presesnts 6-10 hours worth of lectures (typcially 1-2 hours
   per week) on a topic of their expertise.
   - Past topics have included introductory nuclear physics, quantum field
   theory, the nuclear shell model, neutrino phyiscs, detector physics, group
   theory, nuclear spectroscopy.
   - Lectures should be aimed at the first-year graduate student level, but
   lectures are open to undergrads, grads, postdocs, and (if the lecturer so
   chooses) staff.
   - We ask that you choose a topic that you are already an expert in,
   although the definition of "expert" is open to interpretation. (Basically
   this shouldn't be used as an excuse to learn a new topic).

*Why should you give a lecture?:*

   - If you are interested in getting an academic job, often teaching
   experience is one of the things that hiring committees look for. Teaching
   experience is hard to come by at TRIUMF, and the PLS is a way to fill that
   - Giving a lecture series is also a way to test out if you enjoy
   - Finally, you are providing a service to the community, providing a
   pedagogical introduction to a topic which is often not covered in typical
   physics curricula.

*If you are interested in giving a lecture series, please respond to this
email* with your name and a list of topics you would be willing to teach.
Once we have a list of possible topics, we will send out a survey to gauge
interest, and then the lecture series will be scheduled.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Your GAPS Committee

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from either the grads or postdocs mailing list.
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