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Dear all

The TRIUMF CAP Symposium will be held on Tuesday 7th June at 3:30 pm in
the Auditorium. We have three speakers signed up to present their
research in preparation for the CAP meeting in Ottawa this month.

Talks will be around 15 minutes in length with an additional 5 minutes
or so for questions and comments. GAPS members will chair the session.
We aim to provide as much support as we can to help the speakers
communicate their work as effectively as possible - so if you have
comments, don't hesitate to speak up!

Detailed abstracts from the authors are attached to this email.


3:30) Steffen Cruz, 
"Single particle structure and shapes of exotic Sr isotopes"
3:50) Mukut Kalita, 
"Search for a permanent electric dipole moment of the Ra-225 atom"
4:10) Yang Lan
"Ba-ion extraction and identification from high pressure Xenon gas
for nEXO"

Your GAPS committee

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