James Rosenzweig colloquium on Wakefield Accelerators

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Tue Nov 1 13:27:16 PDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

James Rosenzweig from UCLA will be at TRIUMF on Thursday, Nov 3 to give a
colloquium entitled "Wakefield Acceleration: Reaching Beyond the
Giga-electron-volt-per-meter Frontier."  This will be held at 2:00pm in the
MOB Auditorium.

*James Rosenzweig (UCLA) *
*Wakefield Acceleration: Reaching Beyond the Giga-electron-volt-per-meter
Frontier *

The field of advanced accelerators, pushed by compelling applications in
high energy physics, advanced light sources, imaging sciences, medicine and
industry, is making rapid strides. This talk gives an introduction of
recent progress in frontier acceleration techniques, based on wakefields,
which may be seen as a generalized Cerenkov mechanism. These wakefields are
radiated coherently into wave-supporting media or structures - ranging from
dielectrics in photonic configurations to dense plasmas - that extend
beyond current concepts in linear acceleration that have been dominant for
over a half-century. We review recent and current results obtained, as well
as steps forward in associated beam physics and technology. Prospects for
disruptive new applications enabled by advanced accelerators are discussed.

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