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Hi everyone,

We'd like to invite you to participate in an art and physics collaboration
between Emily Carr University and TRIUMF, called *Leaning Out of Windows*:
"where artists and physicists share the quest to understand the nature of
reality". This science-inspired, grant-funded art initiative *needs
volunteer physicists* to communicate with the artists about a given physics
topic, "*Anti-matter*". The maximum time commitment would be *1hr/week* to
*1hr/month* over a *3-6month* period depending on your availability.

The scientific research topic will be presented in January to a group of
artists. These artists, in varying levels of communication with physicists,
will create *artwork inspired by the physics topic*. These artworks are
passed on to other artists to create further art in other media (e.g. a
painting could inspire a sculpture), and this process is repeated in an
"aesthetic transformation" which will be revealed when all of the artwork
is gathered together, analyzed, and presented in a gallery at the end of
the year.

In order to initiate the project, we need to gather a list of scientists to
interact with the artists, so that they can gain more insights into the
physics concepts and/or research procedures that they might tackle during
the creation of their artwork. Your involvement in the project is
entirely *tailored
to your general availability* and the modes of communication you would
prefer (i.e. email, skype, in person, etc.).

The goal of this project is not only to inspire physics-driven artwork, but
also to *encourage* us as scientists to *think creatively* about our own
research and challenge us to observe how part of that research can be
by art*. It is also a great opportunity to develop communication skills
that would be useful across many aspects of our careers (e.g. inspiring new
research methods, collaborating on artistic renditions to use in reports,
working on your “elevator talk” etc.). The Leaning Out of Windows
initiative is essentially a chance to have fun and open your mind to the
possibilities (with the full support of our lab director!) :)

If you want to participate in this project, please fill out the google form

More details on the project will be sent out to you as we enter into the
New Year.


Your GAPS committee

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