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Dear all,

my apologies if you got Ritu's  original mail. If not, she is asking for
feedback from the Nuclear Structure community at TRIUMF on the ARIEL
timeline and scenarios for reduced beam production that were presented
at the ARIEL Town Hall Meeting. If you want to share your opinion (and
as an ISAC postdoc you probably should), you can send it to ritu at triumf.ca .

Best regards,

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Betreff: 	ARIEL - Nuclear Structure feedback collection
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Dear Colleagues,

You have received the email from TUG that TRIUMF is soliciting feedback based  on presentations at the ARIEL Town Halll meeting.
As I had written to some of you in the nuclear structure community earlier, will you please send me your opinion by February 8.

I would like to ask you in particular to please consider on the following :

1.  Is the current timeline presented for ARIEL (without accelerating it) acceptable and if not what are the concerns ?

2. Which if any of the different scenarios that were presented for accelerating ARIEL are acceptable ?
Please also provide any questions or concerns you have on any or all of them.

For your convenience I attach Reiner’s presentation on the current timeline and the different scenarios for accelerating it. 

TRIUMF is also seeking feedback on science priorities for ARIEL. In this respect, I would like to mention from the CANREB project
that the CANREB Steering Committee is considering having a CANREB scientific collaboration meeting likely sometime
this year, depending on the assessment of project commissioning timeline and the overall ARIEL schedule. 

Will you please help to bring this feedback collection to the attention of colleagues who maynot have received this message 
since we don’t (yet) have a mailing list of users according to topics. 

With best regards,

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