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Wed May 31 16:32:33 PDT 2017

Hi all,
This is a reminder to sign up for Alex Wijangco's Postdoc Lecture Series on
Quantum Field Theory, scheduled for *Tuesdays and Fridays at 2:15pm*,
beginning *June 6.*
(Note that the original email had state that the lectures started at 2pm.
They have been moved back by 15 minutes to avoid a conflict).

If you are interested in attending the lectures, please *sign up using this

Note that signing up is not required to attend the lectures, but it helps
us in planning, and you can receive course-related emails (e.g. if a
lecture is rescheduled).

*Quantum Field Theory*
Level: First year graduate student
Recommended prerequisites: Quantum mechanics, special relativity, classical
mechanics, all at the upper-division undergraduate level.

*Course Description*
An introduction to and introduction of quantum field theory. This course
will cover what would typically be covered in the first course of a year
long sequence of courses at a university. At the end of this course, one
should be able to understand the field content of a Lagrangian, understand
the interactions dictated by the theory, and calculate tree level
processes of the theory.

Course topic lecture plan:
1. Free scalar and fermion fields in QFT.
2. Interactions and tree level matrix elements.
3. Feynman diagrams and scatter processes.
4. Vector fields, gauge symmetries, and path integral formulations.

We hope to see you at the lectures.

Your GAPS committee

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