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Hi all,

There are still spots remaining for (non-UBC) TRIUMF students and postdocs in the fully-funded (i.e. free for you) Instructional Skills Workshops put on by UBC! See the email below and send us the requested info by 3 pm today in order to secure your spot. This offer won't happen again for a while, so jump on it!

- Your GAPS

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Subject: Free Instructional Skills Workshops

Dear GAPS members,

UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) offers Instructional Skill Workshops (ISW). They are internationally-recognized, are targeted at a wide range of levels of teaching experience, and are meant to develop a participant's teaching skills and confidence.  They’re also very popular, with waitlists usually filling up months in advance.

The workshops are free for UBC students, but cost $200 for (and are not typically open to) non-UBC participants. However: right now, TRIUMF is offering to fund entry into a workshop for 10 non-UBC TRIUMF students or postdocs. Our students/postdocs would be put directly into a workshop of their choice, bypassing the waitlist, and would be required only to submit a $60 deposit, to be refunded when they complete the workshop. These spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

This is a new opportunity for TRIUMF students and postdocs, so take advantage of it! Here’s what you have to do:

  *    Take a look at the list of ISWs listed below and choose your top three dates. Send us your preferred workshop dates in order of preference. IMPORTANT: The workshops run from 8:15am-5:00pm. Please note you must be able to attend all three days, i.e. the entire duration of the workshop.
  *   Also send us your name, email, phone number, and CWL login name (this is UBC’s login system; if you don’t already have a CWL, create it here, choosing the “basic” option at the bottom of the 3rd screen: )

We’re asking that you send us the above info by tomorrow afternoon (before 3 pm). Sorry for the tight timeline! This offer has fallen into place only recently and we want to be sure that we secure as many places as possible for our students and postdocs.

 We’ll pass on your requests to UBC and will let you know when you’ve been added to a workshop. We will request a deposit from you, at which point you will be committing to attending a workshop. However, you can choose to switch workshop dates ONLY if it’s more than 6 weeks before your scheduled workshop, and only if space allows.

 Remember, there’s a limited number of free spots in these workshops, and we need to hear from you by tomorrow with preferred dates, name, email, phone number, and CWL. The sooner you email, the better your chances of getting signed up. No deposit needed right now.

More info about the workshops can be found here: Note that the website refers to graduate students only, but they are also open to TRIUMF postdocs.

Just reply to this email to sign up.

 - Your GAPS

ISW Dates:

June 16, 23, 24

July 7, 8, 14

Aug 19, 25, 26

September 8, 15, 16

September 17, 19, 20

October 13, 14, 20

October 15, 16, 18

October 21, 27, 28

November 3, 10, 11

November 17, 18, 24

November 19, 21, 22

November 25, Dec 1, and 2

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