WNPPC practice session, Friday @12 pm

mbowry at triumf.ca mbowry at triumf.ca
Mon Feb 5 14:52:52 PST 2018

Dear all

Please join us for the 2018 Winter Nuclear and Particle Physics Conference
(WNPPC) practice session in the MOB theory room this Friday 9th February
from 12 pm.

Our speakers are:

Danika MacDonell "Calibration of SuperCDMS Dark Matter Detectors for
Low-Mass WIMPs",
Robin Hayes "Scale Factors for the ATLAS Muon Triggers",
Yukiya Saito "Decay Spectroscopy of Neutron-rich 129-Cd with GRIFFIN
A. DeHart (TBD)

Each talk will last approximately 12 minutes with time for questions and
discussion at the end.

We are aiming to serve *pizza* at this event around 30 minutes before the
beginning of the session. If you would like pizza please fill out the
doodle poll below by midday Wednesday:


A range of vegetarian/meat options will be ordered.

Best wishes,
Mike on behalf of GAPS

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