Become a TRIUMF tour guide!

Tue Jan 9 12:20:21 PST 2018

Happy new year dear students and postdocs!

We would like to remind you of the unique opportunity to become TRIUMF 
tour guides.

As you may know, part of TRIUMF's mandate is to be open to the public 
through free guided tours of the lab.
These tours also serve TRIUMF's outreach program and the promotion of 
science (or STEM) to the general public.

All graduate students and postdocs at TRIUMF can become tour guides.
Currently, this can be done either voluntarily or for payment on a 
per-tour basis
(For some, their contract may prohibit them from receiving such payment, 
but the majority of students can get paid for tours).

Fortunately, the demand for tours is high, however, there is a grave 
shortage in tour guides, which forced cutting back the tours and 
considering further changes.

You may consider becoming a tour-guide if you wish to:
- get to know the lab better
- widen your scientific knowledge and proficiency
- improve your confidence and public-speaking skills
- give back to the community
- meet interesting people
- be more involved and stand out
- get recognized for your contribution
- get a break from the usual stuff you do
- be reminded of the impact and importance of what we do
and especially now...
since this is TRIUMF's 50th anniversary, which would bring many 
opportunities to contribute.

*For inquiries about becoming a guide*,
or *if you ***are *already a tour guide* and would like to help,
please use this link 
<Mailto:jabney at>, or send an email to:
_jabney at triumf.ca_ <Mailto:jabney at> with the subject: *TRIUMF 

Finally, we believe that this is an important and unique opportunity 
that should be maintained for the benefit of all,
but we want to hear what you think!
We will soon send a short survey that will allow us to help Strategic 
Communications assess and ameliorate the situation, but also to 
represent your interests in the matter.
Stay tuned!

Thank you for your time and cooperation!


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