GAPS - TRIUMF Hot Spot Tour 2018 - Possibility to visit the main Cyclotron Vault and more

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Tue Jan 23 15:13:44 PST 2018

Dear all,

We are pleased to give you another unique opportunity to visit areas and
facilities in TRIUMF that can only be seen during the shutdown, and are
crucial for its operation.

As a TRIUMF student/postdoc, you can attend an exclusive tour into the
heart of TRIUMF, guided by an expert, and answer many questions about how
our particle beams are produced.

The tours are limited to 8 participants per tour and are scheduled on:
Friday Jan 26th at 1pm
Monday Jan 29th at 1pm

Each tour will last ~1.5h and cover mainly the following areas:
- Cyclotron vault
- Cyclotron vault basement (RF system)
- Mass Separator Room
- ISAC Target Hall
- Remote Handling Cyclotron Mock-up

The requirements to attend the tour are:

1- RSVP THIS EMAIL with the message "INTERESTED"
2 - Attend the Introductory lecture by Matt Pearson TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY
Jan. 24th, at 11am in the MOB Auditorium.
3- Sign up in the form that will be distributed during the lecture.
4 - You would need to sign up for a DRD (dosimeter). All students and
postdocs in TRIUMF should have access to this.

We apologize for the short notice, but these tours are only possible
during the cyclotron shutdown and are scheduled in coordination with the
maintenance tasks and the volunteer expert guides. Do not miss this

Note that each tour requires its own work permit, and that we expect to
have a waiting list, so if you signed up and cannot attend, please make
every effort to let us know ASAP. Thank you!

Your GAPS!
Roger Caballero-Folch on behalf of GAPS Committee

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