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Hello all,

This is a reminder of the special seminar THIS Friday (see below).

This event is free for all, no need to register, just show up!

For more information please contact Jesse Abney (CC).



Good morning GAPS!

A special Science Week event will be held in the lab’s auditorium next Friday, July 20th from 9-11am.

This invite is for all GAPS members interested in outreach training for classroom interactions – please do forward along!

Dr. Christian Diget will present Binding Blocks public engagement programme for nuclear physics at York (UK)

The Binding Blocks nuclear chart illustrates nuclear decay with different colours of isotopes and nuclear energy and the height of towers. Videos in link below. In addition to the chart itself and exercises related to a number of high-school level mini-workshops, an interactive session on the Hot-CNO cycle will be performed.

This links directly to high-school curriculum, including nuclear isotopes, radioactive decays, lifetimes, reactions, nuclear energy (fusion and fission), stars, and medical physics.

After the training session(s), the participants should be able to run these workshops by themselves (though most would still need to develop their experience and confidence before delivering it without academic support and feedback). Furthermore, the participants should get a sense of how to assess the impact of workshops they do with the public or with schools.

Binding Blocks at York:

Binding Blocks - Physics, The University of York<>
Binding Blocks (Care of Christian Diget) Department of Physics. University of York

Dr. Christian Aa. Diget, Lecturer in Nuclear Astrophysics, Department of Physics University of York

Jesse Abney

Public Programs Manager

t (<tel:(604)%20222-7501>604) 222.7501<tel:(604)%20222-7501>

jabney at<mailto:jabney at>

TRIUMF Canada's particle accelerator centre turns 50 this year @triumflab

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