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Wed Jul 18 21:30:58 PDT 2018

Hey Gaps,

We have been offered a new and exciting outreach lecture opportunity involving educated and motivated adult audience!  TRIUMF is partnering with UNA (the University Neighborhood Association, who organize community activities for Wesbrook residents) and Tapestry (the senior citizen condo across from Biercraft), to present a series of short, publicly accessible lectures.  These lectures would be fifteen minutes with a further fifteen for question and answer.  We expect to have two people presenting per session, where both speakers are to attend the full 1hr and provide each other with feedback, which is a unique and useful feature of the format. This two person team will then have the opportunity to present the same material again for a new audience (either starting at Tapestry and moving to UNA, or vice versa).  These sessions will be held between Sept and Dec 2018, with specific dates TBA based on GAPS interest. We would like to have at least three sessions in the series, so at least six speakers are desired.  The topics and content should comprise a coherent series and will be decided upon accordingly by the group of speakers in brief organizational meetings happening in the next month or so.

Benefits of participation include:
- A great opportunity for valuable volunteer engagement in our community.
- Standardized feedback: Your peer presenter can provide feedback on your lecture, and comment on how they progress.
- Repeat lecture experience.
- Experience in public outreach.

Also, the Tapestry audience is a bit higher level than the general UNA audience, as they're mostly retired UBC profs. This should make for a fun and engaging event!

If you have any interest, please email neesker at<mailto:neesker at>.  Topics and schedules will be designed based upon overall interest.

-GAPS committee
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