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Tue Jun 19 13:32:40 PDT 2018

Hey GAPS members!

Everyone loves free food and social events, and your Grads and Posdocs Society will keep both coming. But we want to remind you of a couple other ways in which GAPS is here for you:

  1.  Do you have a journal club (or other club) that could benefit from GAPS' support? We can help you with advertisement to the grads and postdocs community at TRIUMF, with funding for snacks to be shared at your club meetings, etc. Get in touch!
  2.  Check out our awesome website,! Our job postings section ( is up-to-date and full of cool opportunities.

Know a recently-arrived (or not) grad or postdoc at TRIUMF who'd love to get emails like this? Just remind them to subscribe to the Grads or Postdocs mailing list at

Stay tuned for more on the upcoming GAPS BBQ!

- Your GAPS

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