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Mon Mar 19 16:43:10 PDT 2018

Only two days until the annual TRIUMF trivia night! Trivia will take place on Wednesday March 21st at Biercraft in Wesbrook Mall.

What you can expect:

  *   Discounted food
  *   Cheap drinks (TRIUMF pop at its usual discounted rate, and BC beers for $3)
  *   Engaging questions and intense competition
  *   The chance to win prizes, including cash for first place!

Grab a few friends, or people you'd like to befriend, and form a team of 4-6. Everyone is welcome - postdocs, grads, undergrads - so start bugging your office-mates now! This event only happens once a year and it's not to be missed.

We'll have a private quiz lounge from 6:30 pm on, and quizzing will begin around 7:30/8 pm. Sign up at this doodle poll:

A tip for those of you who made it through this much of the email: get a Canadian on your team because some tricky Canadian content will be featured. Don't say we didn't warn you...

See you there!

-- Your GAPS


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