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Hi everyone,

In case you didn't get this last week, see below for a nice summary by Thomas Lindner of some important changes being considered by Translink. These could affect transit to TRIUMF quite a bit, so take a minute to read and then voice your opinion on Translink's page (linked in the text below).

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From: Thomas Lindner <lindner at triumf.ca<mailto:lindner at triumf.ca>>
Subject: TRIUMF Community Announcements : Translink 41st avenue route changes
Date: May 1, 2018 at 8:42:06 AM PDT

Translink 41st avenue route changes:
Hi Colleagues,

I wanted to draw people's attention to Translink's proposed changes to the 41st avenue bus service.  Translink has a full description of the changes on this website:


>From my reading, the main changes of interest to the TRIUMF community are:

1) The 43 express bus will get replaced with a new B-line bus following the same route; they plan to make some changes to the operation of the new B-line bus that might make it slightly faster than the existing 43.

2) The existing, local 41 bus will no longer go all the way to UBC; instead it will be turned around at Crown street (just after Dunbar).

3) Since the 41 will no longer go to UBC, service to the Wesbrook village will now be provided by the 49 bus, which will be re-routed along Wesbrook.  The webpage doesn't say so explicitly, but presumably the 49 will then be stopping at the TRIUMF bus stop.  The 49 will be operated till midnight on weekdays; it is not clear how late the 49 will run on the weekends or how early it will run in the mornings.

4) Though it is not mentioned on the webpage, a translink representative told me that they were considering having the new 41 B-line bus make a stop on Southwest marine at Wesbrook (ie, having the new bus make the same stop that the 43 bus used to make, before the 41 route change a couple years ago).

Translink has a site where people can make comments on the proposed route changes:


Obviously, folks should make their own decisions about feedback.  But I would suggest we use this opportunity to advocate that the 49 bus service to the TRIUMF stop that started earlier in the morning and ended later at night (including on weekends).  We can point out that the existing 41 schedule can be difficult for people doing shift work.  I would also ask for having the new B-line stop at Southwest Marine on Wesbrook (though maybe that matters to fewer people).

Thomas Lindner

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