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Subject: REMINDER re. International Peer Review Committee visit Nov 13-15

Dear TRIUMF Community,

As many of you are already aware, the visit of the International Peer Review Committee (IPRC) begins tomorrow morning, November 13 and continues to November 15. The IPRC will evaluate TRIUMF's accomplishments over the past five years and our Five-Year Plan 2020-2025 (which you can explore at http://fiveyearplan.triumf.ca).

A reminder that the agenda for the IPRC visit can be found here: https://documents.triumf.ca/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-161343/IPR%20-%20Agenda.pdf

The plenary talks, the parallel sessions, and the poster session are, in general, open for TRIUMF community members to attend.

A key part of the IPRC's agenda is a site tour on Tuesday, November 13 from 1:15 PM to 2:30 PM. This will provide our guests with further insights into our lab, and the diversity of teams and people who each contribute to our success. The tour route is shared below for your information.

Preparation for these types of visits is an exercise in teamwork and collaboration, from planning and logistics, to prepping and organizing materials, to developing presentations, to readying the TRIUMF site. I want to thank all those involved for your important contributions.

Several areas around the lab have been organized and tidied in recent weeks (including prior to the Prime Minister's visit), enhancing our site and setting new standards for us to uphold. We appreciate your assistance in continuing to take care of these areas as we move forward.

We're looking forward to welcoming the IPRC tomorrow and sharing TRIUMF and our pride in the lab with them. We’re grateful for your support in making the committee members feel at home during their visit. A reminder that if you interact with the committee members, please provide them with any information they are requesting.

Thank you,

Sent on behalf of

Reiner Kruecken

Deputy Director, Research


IPRC Tour Information

Tour scheduled on Tuesday, November 13 from 1:15 PM to 2:30 PM

-           Two groups will tour the lab simultaneously, each following its own designated route

TOUR GROUP 1 – Theme: Accelerator Science, Particle Physics, Commercialization Enter Badge Room and proceed through the Proton Hall Extension

-           TOUR STOP 1: ATLAS-sTGC Assembly Room

Proceed into Service Annex and take stairs down to B2 Level

-           TOUR STOP 2: Electron Hall

Exit e-Hall via shortest route to

-           TOUR STOP 3: UCN

-           TOUR STOP 4: PIF-NIF

Exit Meson Hall via loading bay and proceed to ARIEL building

-           TOUR STOP 5: ARIEL and CANREB

Walk around ARIEL building and return to Main Office Building

TOUR GROUP 2 – Theme: Life Sciences, Nuclear Physics, Molecular & Materials Science

Exit Badge Room and proceed to ISAC I & II

-           TOUR STOP 1: TITAN, DRAGON, and beta-NMR

Enter ISAC II experimental hall via loading bay doors

-           TOUR STOP 2: TIGRESS and EMMA

Exit ISAC II experimental hall via loading bay door and proceed to RCA entrance to Meson Hall

-           TOUR STOP 3: MuSR

-           TOUR STOP 4: TR-13

Proceed around Science & Technology clean room to MHESA ground floor laboratory and take stairs/elevator down to

-           TOUR STOP 5: MHESA basement laboratories

Exit along same route to Meson Hall exit and return to Main Office Building

See https://documents.triumf.ca/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-161343/IPR%20-%20Agenda.pdf for more information.

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