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Volume 1 | No.2 November 2018




Message from the Associate Laboratory Director - Jens Dilling

 Dear Friends and Colleagues,Welcome to the second newsletter from the TRIUMF

Physical Sciences Division (PSD), the purpose of which is to bring you updates

on major facility developments and updates from the Liaison Scientists of our

four research and service groups: Nuclear Physics with Isotope Beams (M.

Alcorta); Resonance probes, muons and beta NMR (I. McKenzie); Science

Technology (T. Lindner); and Detector Test Beam with M11 (S. Yen and I.

Trigger). For many of these projects we are working closely with the

Accelerator Division at TRIUMF. The Liaison Scientists manage user

satisfaction surveys which are completed after every experiment or service

project. In this newsletter we are responding to often repeated feedback, in

particular, for beam reliability at ISAC (see contribution from A. Gottberg

and C. Babcock). Note that it‘s possible that the response to the

feedback could include a 2019 schedule with reduced on-line availability to

focus efforts on improved on-line reliability. 



 In addition, there is an update from ARIEL and CANREB (A. Garnsworthy and C.

Ruiz). CANREB will commence commissioning off-line and on-line in the first

half of 2019, which could lead to early science opportunities in the second

half of 2019. A notice has recently been sent out for an SAP-EEC at TRIUMF in

January, and one is planned for July. The July EEC hopefully will allow

CANREB-based proposals to be accepted, and we will provide opportunities for

beam-time requests for experiments in August and September 2019 for

CANREB-based experiments. We encourage the community to coordinate early

science opportunities, with focus on post-accelerated beams. There could be

an opportunity for a workshop at TRIUMF if interests exist. Please

let us know. 


 In June, together with the Helmholtz Centres (DESY, KIT, GSI, and Juelich)

and industry partners D-Wave and 1Qbit, TRIUMF hosted a workshop on Data

Science and Quantum Computing. Since then, we have established working groups

where interested parties can sign up to participate (see mailing list here:

TRIUMF hired a Data Scientist (W. Fedorko, wfedorko at

to help establish quantum computing and data science platform at

TRIUMF. If interested, please feel free to reach out to him with

your questions. 



  Last but not least, we were very happy and honored to have a visit from the

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, at TRIUMF on November 1st, to

congratulate TRIUMF on its 50th anniversary and to announce the establishment

of a premier centre for advanced medical isotopes research and development at

TRIUMF.If you have any questions or comments, please feel to reach out to me

(jdilling at, the Liaison Scientists (see articles below), or to any

one of our department heads: 


 Nuclear Physics: Chris Ruiz, ruiz at triumf.caParticle Physics: Oliver

Stelzer-Chilton, stelzer-chilton at triumf.caTheory: Petr Navratil,

navratil at triumf.caCMMS: Syd Kreitzman, syd at triumf.caScience Technology:

Fabrice Retiere, fretiere at 






Nuclear Physics with Isotope Beams - Martin Alcorta

 After a planned delay to the start-up, Schedule 134 resulted in many

successful radioactive beam experiments which resulted in excellent theses and

publications. However, there were some setbacks. This was reflected in the

many surveys received from the users, whom I would like to thank for their

valuable feedback which highlighted areas needing improvement. Our stated

policy is to flag areas of common concern and actively seek to resolve those

issues wherever possible. This year we have had several criticisms related to

beam delivery, most of which fall into the category of reliability. The

message was received loud and clear and multiple groups... 





Science Technology - Thomas Lindner

 The goal of the Science Technology Department is supporting the physics

community in bringing to reality their projects by providing technical

resources for the design, construction, and operation of experiments and other

apparatus, and by supporting R&D efforts. 


 The largest project for the Science Technology Department in the last half

year was the completion of the ALPHA-g radial time projection chamber (rTPC).

The ALPHA-g rTPC is 2.4 m long and 0.4 m diameter, with 256 anode wires and

18432 pads and a readout with custom electronics designed and fabricated by

the Science Technology Department.  Surrounding the rTPC is a barrel

scintillator, readout with silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs). The rTPC was

built and tested at TRIUMF over the last two years and shipped to CERN in

July.  After a great deal of hard work from the Science Technology

Department and the ALPHA collaboration, the rTPC is now ready for the first

ALPHA-g commissioning and data taking run this fall. 




Centre for Molecular and Material Science - Iain McKenzie

 Since the last newsletter, TRIUMF has hired two new scientists, Sarah

Dunsiger, and Kenji Kojima, and promoted another, Iain McKenzie, to faculty

status, enabling them to do independent self-directed research. Together, they

will form the core part of a team to develop a strong in-house scientific

program with strong university connections (e.g. SFU and SBQMI at UBC).In

other good news, starting in 2019 users no longer will be charged for their

liquid helium usage. 




M11 Beam Testing - Isabel Trigger

 The beamline M11 area is back in business.  The fast pion beamline M11

first came online in 1980. A secondary beam from the BL1A T1 target was neatly

steered away from the proton beamline by a septum magnet into the M11 channel,

which accepted either positively- or negatively-charged pions of kinetic

energy 50 to 350 MeV with a Δp/p =5% momentum spread. That was until the year

2001.In that year, the septum – which had been plagued by water leaks from

its very beginning – sprung a major... 






ARIEL Update - Adam Garnsworthy and Chris Ruiz

 There has been steady progress in the installation of the RIB transport

beamlines and the new CANadian Rare isotope facility with Electron Beam ion

source (CANREB) equipment on the ground floor of the ARIEL building, and their

connection into the ISAC experimental hall. Over half of these beamlines are

now aligned and under vacuum. The installation of equipment is anticipated to

be completed by the end of 2018 at which point the focus will move to





Beam Development Update - Carla Babcock, Alex Gottberg

 In the last newsletter we reported on the rich variety of target and ion

source development projects ongoing at ISAC, as well as on ISAC target

operation statistics - all are making significant progress and in particular,

we successfully operated of a nanometric target material, an electrospun

carbon fibre matrix with embedded dispersed SiC particles (<100 nm). Here

we would like to take the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to ongoing

ISAC infrastructure campaigns that aim to unlock higher operational

reliability and new capabilities that users are demanding (via e.g. the

satisfaction surveys). 


 The timeline below summarizes our plans to address the highest priority ISAC

target system actions, in order to increase reliability and expand

capabilities for the RIB science program. We will report on the progress and

changes to this schedule on a regular basis in this Newsletter. 








TRIUMF Users Group Update - Ania Kwiatkowski

 The TRIUMF Users Executive Committee (TUEC) is engaged on behalf of users on

a number of activities related to the TRIUMF Five Year Plan 2020-2025,

including a recent representation to the Advisory Committee on TRIUMF (ACOT).A

subcommittee is reviewing and updating the charter and bylaws. Changes include

modernizing language and practices. In addition, the term user will be

considered and possibly redefined. Any user interested in assisting... 



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