Coffee, cookies and parties!

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Wed Nov 28 13:27:39 PST 2018

Hi everyone!

We'll hold our usual coffee, cookies and fruit social hour today at 4:30pm in the ISAC-II lunch room!  It's a great chance to socialize and eat some tasty treats!

Upcoming events:

  *   PARTY!  We are having our end-of-year party Wednesday December 5!  We will be starting coffee, cookies and holiday treats from 4-5:30; Note the earlier starting time, followed by:
  *   PARTY AT BIECRAFT!  On Dec 5, following coffee and cookies hour, we will be going to Biercraft for our end-of-year party!


This week's quote:

“Never memorize what you can always look up.”
    – Albert Einstein

- Your GAPS

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