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Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the many emails, I forgot to mention in my previous email that since we are having an extra-special coffee hour next week, we are going to be having a bit of extra food and whatnot, but we need to gauge how much.  Thus, we have created a pair of Doodle polls to try figure out how many people are coming out to the special coffee and cookies as well as the Biercraft party.

Coffee (aka coofee) and Cookies:


If you could fill those out if you are coming, that would be fantastic!


- Your Gaps

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Hi everyone!

We'll hold our usual coffee, cookies and fruit social hour today at 4:30pm in the ISAC-II lunch room!  It's a great chance to socialize and eat some tasty treats!

Upcoming events:

  *   PARTY!  We are having our end-of-year party Wednesday December 5!  We will be starting coffee, cookies and holiday treats from 4-5:30; Note the earlier starting time, followed by:
  *   PARTY AT BIECRAFT!  On Dec 5, following coffee and cookies hour, we will be going to Biercraft for our end-of-year party!


This week's quote:

“Never memorize what you can always look up.”
    – Albert Einstein

- Your GAPS

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