A couple of spots left for the Proton Therapy Room tour

Gaps gaps at triumf.ca
Mon Sep 17 14:42:29 PDT 2018

Hello Gaps!

There was a couple of cancellations for the Proton Therapy Room tour this coming Thursday, so we are opening new spots for the tour. Reply to this email to secure your spot.


Did you know that TRIUMF is house to the only proton therapy facility in Canada? This facility treats the dangerous ocular melanoma (a type of skin cancer in the back on the eye) by using high energy protons. This innovative method allows destroying the tumor while saving the eye.

If you are interested in learning more about medical physics (knowledge that will be handy next time your friends or familiy ask you if what we do at TRIUMF with their tax-money will ever be of any use), Dr. Cornelia Hoehr will give a tour of the facility this coming Thursday September 20 at 10:30 am. Spots are limited, so reply to this email with your name to secure a place.

Proton therapy tour - Thursday September 20 10:30 am

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