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Dear GAPS,

The TRIUMF-Artist collaboration is starting with a kickoff event on Friday, September 28.  We would like to get as many people as possible to attend, and we are also looking for a few additional presenters (and participants) at the event to speak about emergence.

Would it be possible to send the message below around to the GAPS list (if it hasn't been already)?




Hi All,

The Leaning Out of Windows artist/scientist collaboration with Emily Carr University is coming next Friday, September 28, 1:00-4:30pm in the auditorium.  We just got a list of artists working in the collaboration, and it looks to be an exciting plan.

Our collaboration theme for this round is "emergence".  This has a specific meaning in physics, but can also be interpreted much more broadly in science as the phenomenon of complex structures arising out of simple constituents.  See the invitation blurb below for a few specific examples.  We will also learn about emergence in the context of art, which I expect to be both similar and different from our views of it.

As part of the kickoff event, we have been asked to speak about emergence as it relates to science.  I'm willing to talk, and Jess Brewer would like to as well, but we need a few more volunteers.

If you would be willing to present at the meeting, please let me know (dmorri at<mailto:dmorri at>).  Please also tell me about the general topic you plan to address - I'll try to help everyone coordinate so we don't all speak about the same thing.



P.S. If you know of anyone else who might like to participate, please have them contact me.  The more the better!


Dear TRIUMF - LOoW participants,

As per our previous email, after several exciting discussion meetings with TRIUMF colleagues to structure the next LOoW phase, we are pleased to send you this invitation to participate. Please note the launch for the next phase will be at TRIUMF on Friday September 28 from 1- 5pm. We hope you will consider working with us again as we venture into a new model for collaboration!

In anticipation,

Ingrid + Randy

Invitation to participate

 LOoW (Leaning out of Windows) a collaborative four year SSHRC funded research project between Emily Carr University and TRIUMF, is now in its second art production phase. We are looking for physicists to work collaboratively on a team comprised of 1-2 scientists, 2 artists and 1 scholar from another field (e.g. philosophy of science, cognitive linguistics, art historian). We are imagining that each group would meet every 6-8 weeks for a period of 8 to 10 months (Fall 2018 to Spring 2019. Specific group members would present their ideas, which would be followed by a robust discussion sharing distinct approaches, strategies, methodologies and thoughts, improvising on the challenge of communicating through discipline-specific language (e.g. employing associative thinking in the form of metaphors and analogies, diagrammatic explication, etc.) We imagine each meeting being a minimum of two hours.

 The proposed topic of emergence evolved out of a series of conversations with a core group of TRIUMF physicists and the two principle investigators from Emily Carr.

 Emergence in physics is often used as a technical term for the complex collective behaviour of a large number of elementary constituents. Of course, the term “emergence” is not used univocally in physics or in broader society. It can also refer to the formation of structures in time, the uncovering of meaning from chaos, or beyond. This project will explore the concept of emergence in these varied contexts.

 Each team will address a subtopic of Emergence that connects with the physicist’s particular field of study. Some potential subtopics within this broad thematic include:

 - The formation of galactic structures in the universe from dark matter.

- The creation of elements in stars.

- Complex order in condensed matter systems.

- From quarks and gluons to mesons and baryons.

- Nuclear structure emerging from nucleons and chiral forces.

- Collective behaviour in nuclei.

- Hund’s rules in atomic physics

- Emergent behaviours in charged plasmas.

- Beam dynamics and the collective behaviour of space charge.

- Creating molecules with rare isotopes for nuclear medicine.

- Jets at the LHC.

- Uncovering signals from noisy data.

- Emergence of spacetime and gravity from quantum information.
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