GAPS MOVIE NIGHT with FREE PIZZA!! Tuesday 9th April @ 7pm

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Tue Apr 2 17:43:22 PDT 2019

Hey there GAPS!

Since this beautiful weather will leave us and it’s going to be raining cats and dogs in rain-couver next week why not come snuggle up with your colleagues and a movie TUESDAY 9th APRIL at 7pm in the TRIUMF AUDITORIUM! The film is THE PHD MOVIE by the creators of PhD comics and there will be FREE PIZZA if you sign up to the poll below:

Please let us know you’re attending by THIS FRIDAY 5th April so we can order the pizzas!

Forward this email to any of your grad student or post-doc colleagues and encourage them to sign up and come along! It’ll be a lovely social event to make new friends from around TRIUMF :)

Hope you can make it!
- Your GAPS.
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