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Wed Apr 17 13:26:50 PDT 2019

Hello GAPS,

Please join us for coffee and cookies today at the regular time of 4:30pm in the ISAC-II lunch room. Before that we have a meet and greet session for undergrads to meet grad students and postdocs. This will start at 3:30pm also in the ISAC-II lunchroom. There is also more free food to be had!

Speaking of more free food, there will also be a lunch and learn event hosted on April 23rd in the Auditorium on the subject of learning how to network. Please put your name down on the pizza poll that went out earlier today!

Finally, the GAPS committee, while certainly benevolent, is not a dictatorship. So we will be having elections to decide who shall fill each position in the committee. If you would like to give back to the GAPS community by helping to organise events etc then please come to the GAPS election meeting, which will be held at 3:30pm on Tuesday 30th April in ISAC-II video conference room 223.

Your friendly neighbourhood GAPS committee

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