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Sat Dec 14 16:16:18 PST 2019

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Subject:        [JINA-CEE News] Postdoc Position in relativisitc nuclear astrophysics

Dear JINA,

the University of New Hampshire currently has an open position for a post-doctoral researcher in numerical relativity, with a particular interest for candidates interested to work on questions of relevance to nuclear astrophysics (particularly r-process, radiation transport, neutrino physics).

If you are aware of any candidate that may be interested in this position, I would greatly appreciate if you could forward them our job posting:

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Dear All,

 Please forward this job ad to anyone interested in working on stellar spectroscopy/populations focusing on the Galactic bulge.

It is a 2.5 yr postdoc with application deadline Jan 31, 2020.


 Kind regards,



Dr. Camilla Juul Hansen

Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, MPIA Koenigstuhl 17

69117 Heidelberg


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