GAPS Annual Summer BBQ

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Mon Jul 15 09:52:08 PDT 2019

Hi all,

we have a final date for the annual GAPS Summer BBQ! It will be on Sunday August 11th, starting at noon at Locarno Beach.

Families are welcome!

A contribution of $5 per person (kids for free) will be collected to help with the expenses. If you are attending the BBQ, you should give those $5 by Thursday August 8th to one of these GAPS Committee members:

 > David Livermore: Theory Grad student room

 > Sébastien Rettie: ATLAS MOB

 > Robin Hayes: ATLAS MOB

 > Anna McCoy: Theory department

 > Bruno Olaizola: ISAC-II upstairs cubicle area

 > Matt Williams: ISAC-II upstairs cubicle area

 > Melika Shahriari: ISAC-II downstairs cubicle area

 > Daniel Yates: ISAC-II upstairs cubicle area

 > Edward Thoeng: ISAC-II downstairs cubicle area corner

 > Carlotta Porzio: ISAC-II upstairs cubicle area

The GAPS Committee will take care of buying meat and vegetarian options, but feel free to bring sides or drinks or whatever you prefer!

Looking forward to seeing you there,

- Your GAPS

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