Does TRIUMF's new communication system work for you?

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Wed May 1 11:06:37 PDT 2019

Hey all!

On April 17th, we should have all received an email from Davis testing TRIUMF's new site-wide communication system - but we've heard from many of you that you never got it. This new system is supposed to solve some of TRIUMF's current email-related woes, and we don't want grad students and postdocs to get left behind! To help us out:

- Only if you have a valid TRIUMF Access Card and TRIDENT ID: Please check your inboxes for the test email, sent on April 17th. A copy is attached. Check your Trash too, because it looked strikingly like spam.

If you have a valid TRIUMF Access Card and TRIDENT ID but did not receive the email:

- Please hit reply to let us know! It would be helpful if you could also let us know your status (grad student or postdoc) and whether you are a visitor (paid by anyone but TRIUMF) or employee (paid by TRIUMF).

We will send this information to Davis, hopefully contributing to making the next test more successful.

- Your GAPS

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